Episode 10 – Mt Whitney Previsit Revisit

We are back up and running for 2022! We’ve renovated our basement and are working on the recording set-up, and would like to thank you for being here to dive back into adventuring with us!

Back in 2008 Dan and some buddies made a 10-day backcountry trek to Mt Whitney and Mt Langley; we are in for permits in 2022 to do the Whitney Portal to Peak (there and back again) together, and wanted to revisit his ’08 trip as a teaser for our big plans this year. We won’t be doing 10 days in the Whitney area, but are planning a single-day out and back to the Whitney peak (weather and health permitting) and exploring the California parks, including Yosemite and Sequoia. Sequoia holds a special place in my heart as the site of many childhood camping and hiking trips with my family, and I am so excited to get back out there to explore!

Throughout the year we will do a couple of episodes on planning our California Adventures, and we hope you will enjoy following along!

Pics from Dan’s ’08 trek below!

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