Episode 7 – New Orleans: Food, Music, Food, Gators…Food…

Hi Everyone!  We are back after a trip to explore New Orleans!  This isn’t our typical, outdoors/hiking type trip, but was an exploration into the culture of New Orleans, especially the food!  The history and beauty of the area are enough of a draw for most folks, but the food and music should keep people coming back.  We found a lot of places still shut down due to COVID, but we were able to find some great live music and still enjoy a lot of what the city had to offer – on a positive note for us, it was much less crowded in the city than normal, according to the locals.  We did take an awesome kayaking tour with Wild Louisiana Tours – lots of natural and cultural history learnings, as well as gators, snakes, and birds of all kinds!

We are looking forward to going back someday, to explore more of the city and surrounding area when more things are opened up, and hopefully, we can catch more live music.  

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