Episode 5 – Four Corners: Arches Nat’l Park and Devil’s Garden Trail (and bats…)

We had an awesome couple of hikes at Arches National Park – we did Delicate arch the day before recording our Devil’s Garden hike, and while we don’t talk much about it, it was still also an awesome hike. Delicate Arch was a fairly intense uphill, but totally doable in sneakers and with plenty of water – fair warning, you’re in the sun the WHOLE time, so don’t underestimate your water intake, and keep up on those electrolytes!

Devil’s Garden was just an all-around fun hike. Technical enough to be challenging, but beautiful with the constantly-changing terrain and gorgeous views of the arches. Recommend 10/10! Again, make sure you bring water and nutrients. If you decide to do the whole loop it does get very remote. There were a lot of people near the entrance and exit, but not so many on the primitive trails. Shoutout to our new friend @Pawan_g_photography who we met on the trail and joined us for the scrambles! Cheers to more adventures Pawan!

Our time in camp was very interesting – from a crazy windstorm on our first night, to swooping bats our second, Arches offers constant adventure! We loved this park, and look forward to exploring it again someday!

P.S. Sorry not sorry for nerding out on the bats, it brought back fond memories of the summer we spent near Carlsbad Caverns, seeing the bats swoop out at sundown. Incredible animals, probably worthy of a Nature Nerd episode…

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