Nature Nerd Episode 2 Part 2- Bison bison – or – My Favorite Animal Continued!

…Because I just can’t stop with Bison…

This episode dives a bit more into bison as a keystone species, and some of our experiences with bison in the wild – including an overlay of “bellowing” from our 2017 road trip and our morning sitting by the Yellowstone River, watching the bison come in to cross. I can’t express how magical that morning was!

If you have had or have seen an interesting experience with bison, please email me and we can start a compilation of bison stories to share with the world. I’d love to hear about your experience!

…And check out the video below to see two bulls butting heads over a lovely lady! Recorded by me in the Hayden Valley, YNP, September 2017.



Punke, M. (2007). Last Stand: George Bird Grinnell, the Battle to Save the Buffalo, and the Birth of the New West. Smithsonian.

Our bison experience at Yellowstone, September 2017

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