Exploring during a pandemic

Hi Everyone! I’ve heard a lot of folks talking about not being able to “do” anything during this insanity of a pandemic we are all living through. Dan and I both have concerns for our friends, family, and society in general if people are stuck inside their homes without an outlet for energy and emotions. I think one of the craziest things that has happened (IMHO) was the closing down of greenspaces. Understandably, the federal, state, and local governments needed some time to get a handle on how they were going to go about keeping employees and the public safe and healthy, and a lot of those spaces have now been reopened with new limitations on activities and facilities. I would encourage you to consider exploring any open greenspaces near you through this time, get out for a walk, jog, or cycle and breathe in that fresh air. Follow guidelines, wear a mask around people, and be SAFE!

We managed a cross-country trip this year, where the only real hands-on interaction we had with other people was touching a gas pump handle, which we sandwiched with a liberal application of hand sanitizer (non-food-scented, of course, wouldn’t want to attract any unwanted attention from the critter world!). This required some extra prep, and carrying a bigger supply of groceries along with us, but regardless of our game of “musical bins” in our truck, we had a great experience.

It was unique and interesting to see the different ways that state and local governments were reacting to the pandemic. Mostly, it was wonderful to get out away from any crowds and explore the back country. We went 48 hours hanging out in Bryce Canyon without seeing another human being, and got to experience the canyon in a way most people never will, under the light of a near-full moon and silent but for the natural sounds of the canyon. We hiked the Devil’s Garden trail at Arches with moonlight to guide our path up the scrambles, and caught sunrise through Partition Arch before most other hikers were unzipping their tents. We used our heads, followed the guidelines, and stayed socially distanced from our fellow adventurers.

I hope you’ve been able to see some of your world through this difficult time, and that you are staying safe and healthy, and using common sense! Try to stay positive, motivated, and to get some of that fresh air sucked in!


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