Who the heck are we?

Hi everyone! We are pretty new to this, but so excited to get started! Dan and I have been adventuring for our entire lives, and have a passion for sharing our stories with friends who are looking to get out into the wilder world. We would love to include you in that circle of friends, and share our experiences! I (Amanda) am a biologist with a passion for writing, photography, wildlife tracking, and field studies. Dan is a computer engineer with interests including survival, outdoorsmanship, and forestry. We live on a small hobby timber and horse farm with our Nokota horse Sundance, our Mediterranean mini-donkey (and personal alarm service) Remi, our flock of chickens (lovingly known as The Chickum, led by General Tso and Colonel Sanders), and our beautiful rescued Shiloh Shepherds, Olive and Minka. We are super blessed to have some awesome friends who farm-sit for us while we adventure, but we will also be sharing some of our farm life adventures with you!

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